Building Management Systems

Onsite maintenance and monitoring resources are often expensive and not effective.

As a result, BMS and electronic monitoring, alarming and reporting systems are in high demand. Their objective is to electronically monitor each sub-system of a complex and to relay local alarms and data to a central control room. These systems also allow for proactive maintenance as opposed to reactive maintenance that is more costly and causes downtime.

We have extensive experience in HVAC, generators, UPSs, Electrical networks, lifts, pumps, fire and security.

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Latest Industry News

Eskom places temporary hold on energy efficiency rebate programmes

Power utility Eskom has placed its energy efficiency rebates for businesses and homes on hold, pending a review of the incentive programmes in light of financial constraints, integrated demand management (IDM) senior GM Andrew Etzinger has confirmed.
This applies to the residential mass roll-out, the standard offer, standard product and performance contracting programmes, as well as the Esco model. (More about Eskom Rebate Programmes)

Law changes seen spurring increase in use of solar heating in commercial buildings

The new regulations stipulate that buildings complying with the Green Building Council of South Africa’s green building codes must generate 50% of their hot water using renewable energy, either through solar water heating or heat pump technology. (Read more)

Big emitters not doing enough to reduce emissions – CDP

The world’s largest carbon emitting companies are not doing enough to reduce their impact on the environment, with the 50 largest emitters having increased their emissions since 2009, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) stated in its 2013 Global 500 Climate Change Report (Read more)