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Mechanical Engineers

DFR Engineers still remain at the forefront of trends and technological developments in our industry. Our scope of projects includes:

•  Air conditioning and mechanical ventilation
•  Central heating and centralized hot water generation
•  Boiler installations and steam distribution
•  Lifts and escalators
•  Materials, waste handling and conveying systems
•  Pumping installations and fluid reticulation for mechanical equipment
•  Energy efficiency and energy management of mechanical installations
•  Environmental impact assessments and management of mechanical installations
•  Wet services design

Mechanical Engineering

Emergency Power & UPS

With rising demand for stable and reliable power networks, DFR Engineers specializes in the design and incorporation of emergency generators and uninterrupted power systems. These installations include 600VA to 800kVA static units, and rotary units up to 1MVA for essential and uninterrupted applications.

Emergency Power & UPS designs by DFR Engineers save costs through enhancing power quality while protecting the client's network from surges, voltage drops and harmonic distortion.

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Energy Saving Solutions for Buildings

South Africa is currently suffering from a low energy reserve margin with a growing demand our infrastructure cannot meet.
As a Member of Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), DFR Engineers is obliged to ensure the preservation of our available energy resources.
There are two phases to achieving energy efficiency, namely, Passive Energy Efficiency and Active Energy Efficiency, the latter being dependent upon the first.


This method includes efficient devices and installation and so providing a baseline for optimized energy efficiency. The following is included:

• Installing low consumption devices
• Well-insulated building envelope
• Roof insulation
• Sealing
• Well-insulated hot water pipes
• Walls and Fenestration


This method is needed to optimize and sustain the gains from passive energy efficiency and to provide additional saving. This can be achieved by system automation and regulation:

• Lighting Control Systems
• Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning
• Building Management systems

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Statutory Compliance Reports & Investigations

Statutory Compliance Reports & Investigations are done by our in-house Government certified engineers that specialize in investigating and inspecting existing structures and premises. This includes compiling technical cost reports and advising our clients on legislation surrounding the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), building regulations and South African National Standards (SANS), ISO and IEC codes of practice and regulations relating to:

 • Electrical installations
 • Emergency power generation
 • Uninterruptable power networks
 • Fire detection
 • Security, access and egress control
 • Evacuation, sound and signage
 • Emergency lighting

Statutory Engineers

Security Consulting / Closed Circuit Television

DFR Engineers has designed, commissioned and continues to manage various closed circuit surveillance systems ranging front four to 450 camera networks.

Security Consulting / Closed Circuit Television experience from DFR Engineers and our ability to design open architecture high-end solutions, including auxiliary fiber optic and IT infrastructure, has placed us in the provided position to list central banks, commercial banking groups and universities amongst our esteemed clients.

Our approach typically includes a comprehensive and objective analysis of our client's operational requirements to ensure the appropriate application of all system components. We provide thorough research and a risk-based design approach in positioning and selecting the cameras, housing , lenses cables and network equipment; with due consideration for extendability and integration to other supporting systems. Our designs also ensure operator friendly and efficient control room designs.

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Latest Industry News

Eskom places temporary hold on energy efficiency rebate programmes

Power utility Eskom has placed its energy efficiency rebates for businesses and homes on hold, pending a review of the incentive programmes in light of financial constraints, integrated demand management (IDM) senior GM Andrew Etzinger has confirmed.
This applies to the residential mass roll-out, the standard offer, standard product and performance contracting programmes, as well as the Esco model. (More about Eskom Rebate Programmes)

Law changes seen spurring increase in use of solar heating in commercial buildings

The new regulations stipulate that buildings complying with the Green Building Council of South Africa’s green building codes must generate 50% of their hot water using renewable energy, either through solar water heating or heat pump technology. (Read more)

Big emitters not doing enough to reduce emissions – CDP

The world’s largest carbon emitting companies are not doing enough to reduce their impact on the environment, with the 50 largest emitters having increased their emissions since 2009, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) stated in its 2013 Global 500 Climate Change Report (Read more)