For many months, after meetings we could only speculate and plan towards the day we could finally be in the hunting field as friends and colleagues. The waiting was worthwhile in all respects and we had a great weekend from 31st July to the 2nd of August 2015 in Aliwal North. 

We thank our hosts Louw and Charnè Brand for their hospitality and great effort; Louw was an excellent choice to become shareholder earlier this year! We stayed at the Toll Inn guesthouse and had a marvellous warm and welcoming experience thank you to Riem and Anina de Beer for the hospitality and accommodation efforts.The Toll Inn is truly a jewel of the Eastern Cape.

On Friday the gang gathered and streamed in from literally all over the country, Pretoria, Maseru, East London, Queenstown and also Aliwal North. Whilst some kept the Jägermeister cold and the fire warm throughout the night into the early hours, others got a good night’s rest to be at the top of their game for the imminent hunting expedition.   

Saturday morning after a light breakfast we went off to the shooting range to prove our talent. The anticipation was electric as the weather played out perfectly for a day that was sure to be remembered for a very long time. 

The rifles were shot in and the nerves were calmed and within an hour we were out on the hunting field. Our hosts from Maletswai Municipality, Gerrie and Jurie explained that we were one of the last groups and that shots within reasonable range will be a rumour.

Within three hours our quota comprising 4 Springbuck, a Red Hartebeest, a Black Wildebeest and a Blesbuck were on the hook and the guns could be stowed away for a soothing drink and some further clay pigeon shooting. It did not take long to exhaust our 100, 12 gauge rounds and the momentum was adjusted towards quenching the thirst and the braai. Some more clients joined the evening at the Toll Inn lodge where we were spoiled to a feast as only Charné can prepare.


On Sunday morning we had a quick breakfast at the Wimpy  and headed back whilst stories were still being chuckled amongst a group that had a great outing. 



Thank you all for this unique weekend, I sincerely hope we can do it again next year.


In closing as a colleague said very deservingly

“DFR once again shifted boundaries.”